Comment on Flournoy Red Beans and Rice Recipe by Ada Hodgen.

I gring my pinto beans into a large pot, bring it to a full boil. Turn the stove of with the lid on for 10 minutes, get rid off all the water, add new warm water and boil it for about a one hour and a half, add one large chopped onion with 6 or 7 large chopped garlic (fresh),one can of stew tomatoes,for another hour, add salt, pepper, cumin. Just before its done, add a nice bunch of chopped cilantro with some taco seasoning.
This is the vegetarian version
You can boil your beans with ham hocks and bacon for the meat version.
Sometimes I add chopped potatoes and carrots for my vegetarian version, and I served them over white steam rice.
Yum Yum