Free Recipe Fruit Galore

Recipe Type: Free Fruit Recipes
Recipe Preparation: boil
Cooking Temperature:
Recipe Serves: 54

Ingredients for Fruit Galore Recipe

10 lb Klages pale malt
1/2 lb Amber crystal malt
2 oz Cascade(4.9%)
10 HBU s
3 lb Plums, depitted & sliced
7 Oranges; flesh sliced, and
(didn t remove pith)
2 Lemons; flesh sliced, and
(didn t remove pith)
1 tb Ground nutmeg
3 ts Whole cloves 5 2 sticks
1/2 c Fresh grated ginger root
William s English Brewery
Ale yeast
(from 12-ounce starter)

Fruit Galore Preparation

Mash Klages and crystal malt at 158 degrees for 90 minutes. Sparge. Bring wort to a boil and add hops. Boil for 1 hour. Add fruit and spices during final 10 minutes of boil. Cooled to 80 degrees in half-hour and pitched. Racked after 5 days, and noted rocky head from fruit pulp. Added 2 tablespoon dissolved gelatin after 12 days. Bottled after 15 days. NOTE: I forgot the Irish Moss. There was too much particulate (orange pits, plum halves, etc) to get an original SG, so I didn’t even bother with a FG. It tastes a bit tart, but the hops is a good balance for the sweetness. It is quite clear, considering all the stuff that went in it. A pale yellow color. Probab- ly not enough spice character, namely the cloves and cinammon. All in all, quite drinkable, but the taste does stay with you for awhile. Primary Ferment: 5 days Secondary Ferment: 12 days Recipe By : Chad Epifanio From: Date: File

How Do You Cook Fruit Galore?

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