Free Recipe Drunken Fries

Recipe Type: Free Potatoes Recipes
Recipe Preparation: broil
Cooking Temperature:
Recipe Serves: 2

Ingredients for Drunken Fries Recipe

3 Large russet potato
4 oz Sharp cheddar cheese;
2 oz Swiss cheese; shredded
4 oz Dried red onion
1 Bottle of lager beer
2 oz Muenster cheese; shredded
2 oz Green onion; thin bias cut
1 Roma tomato; seeded, diced

Drunken Fries Preparation

1. wash, peel, cut potato into the size french fries you like. 2. place potato in bowl & pour beer over, cover and let soak 24 hours, in ice box. day drain all liquid from potatoes and pat dry. 4. fry at 250* in deep fryer for 5 minutes, remove from oil and let rest. 5. turn fryer up to 350* and fry until golden brown & crisp. 6. remove from oil onto paper towel, place fries on a platter spread out & then sprinkle cheese all over them. 7. Place under broiler to melt cheese, remove sprinkle with green onion, dried onion, & tomato. Serving Ideas : Often! NOTES : You may like to serve sour cream on the side. Recipe by: Jamie, Az Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 540 by CuisineArt <> on Jan 16, 1998

How Do You Cook Drunken Fries?

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